Business Model Evaluation

Candle Seed Pte Ltd is attending this year’s Echelon Asia Summit 2017 event to look out for projects to invest in.

Last year, we invested in Yi Hawker which is growing healthily now and we are leading their Bridging and Series A Round. They have just appeared twice on national TV just weeks ago. Revenue has increased by 10 times since we invested.

Firstly they appeared on the flagship Channel 8 News show.

Later, they appeared again on another Channel 8 News Show, Frontline.

They are doing an innovative app bringing hawker food to your offices and homes.

We would love to invest in your project as long as they fulfil certain financial parameters. Seed stage companies are welcome to apply as well.

Do note that the founder of this Company, Mr Raymond Ng, is also a Practising Management Consultant. He also can assist your company to apply to government grants to upgrade your technology and business model. Look out for the form at the bottom if you are also interested in grants to expand your business.

Government Grants

Since the start of 2017, the government has made it compulsory for government grants to involve only PMC consultants.

Application of government grants has become more stringent and Mr Raymond Ng has been a PMC for about 6-8 years.

Mr Raymond Ng has been involved in over 3000 projects involving government grants.

If you are interested to explore further you may do so via filling up this form. We will arrange to meet you, if applicable.