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Bitcoin is merely the first instance of a blockchain application. The value of Bitcoin is in my opinion on the blockchain methodology used to build the concept of Bitcoin.

I am having a short talk to talk about the opportunities afforded by the blockchain revolution to the common man on the street.

Venue : 420 North Bridge Road, #05-27, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727.

Across National Library, building with Maybank. Also next to Purvis Street. There is parking at the building also at National Library.

Date : 2 August 2017, 700pm – 830pm

Who must come?

Entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurs can turn to Blockchain as a means to gather more revenue. Recent coin offerings on the internet earns as much as hundreds of millions of dollars.

Middle Class Executives – You may also see this as an opportunity to see how your life is going to be made convenient by Blockchain. You may also see how Blockchain can add value to your life.

This talk is not construed as an investment advisory. However, there are services online that you may be able to consume as a result of Blockchain.

Change of Career – We are using Blockchain to help companies in Southeast Asia to transform their business. You can benefit immensely to tap on this growing trend and also a healthily funded startup and also a team of branded directors / advisors.

If you are hardworking, earning more than 5 figure is not a problem (terms and conditions apply, you must perform)

For those who are interested may register via this form.

Yi Hawker Business Opportunity – Be a part of a food ordering app that would conquer Southeast Asia

As you may well know, we have invested in Yi Hawker. Yi Hawker is an innovative food ordering app that is poised to conquer the whole street food market in Southeast Asia.

As a result of its innovation, Yi Hawker has appeared on the media numerous times. The founder, Mr Jonathan, has on numerous occasions occupied prime time TV to explain the food ordering trend in Singapore and potentially in the whole of Southeast Asia.

For those who want to watch the whole interview, you may proceed to the following URL to view the whole video;

He also appeared on another media interview;

The other interview can be found at the following URL;

We have 2 opportunities that may be suitable for you;

1) Franchise opportunity – Operating franchise at different zones of hawker centres in Singapore. The zone operations have been tested to be internally profitable.

2) Blockchain related opportunity – Blockchain is revolutionalizing how we do business, and Yi Hawker would be the first to leverage on Blockchain to extend its business all over Southeast Asia.

For those who are free this Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 700pm – 830pm, you may want to pop by and see whether this opportunity is suitable for you.

Venue : 420 North Bridge Road, #05-27, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727.

Across National Library, building with Maybank. Also next to Purvis Street. There is parking at the building also at National Library.

Date : 26 July 2017, 700pm – 830pm

Virtual Reality (VR): a bilion dollar niche

Exclusive Pre-IPO Opportunity With The World’s First & Largest Virtual Reality (VR) Park

The NEW Generation of Play Ground is HERE in the region.

Singapore: 6th July 2017 (Thurs)
7.30pm-10.00pm I Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

The company US VR GLOBAL Inc. was founded with the aim of developing and operating a new generation playground and is launching its first Virtual Reality Park in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by mid year 2018.

Why Virtual Reality is the Future of Technology…

1) Facebook acquired Oculus VR for USD 2 Billion back in March, 2014.

2) According to TechCrunch researh, virtual reality market was worth about $1.9 billion in year 2016, and expected to climb to $22.4 billion by year 2020.

3) Google, Apple and Mircosoft are acquiring and spending hundreds of millions of dollars in augmented reality innovation projects over the past years.

4) According to Digi-Capital , current revenue generated by the VR and AR industry stood at total of $3.9 billion dollar globally, with VR contributing the biggest share at USD 2.7 billion.

And the data is just keep growing and growing consistently…

NOW… You Too Can Participate In This Global NEW Opportunity At The Early Stage

We’ll be presenting you — the company behind the virtual reality theme park, with an exciting opportunity to participate in this new technology at an early stage.

The company, US VR Global Inc is targeting to be the major VR / AR entertainment provider in the region and then, actively working to develop this global business into a chain of theme parks and arcades throughout Asia.

As an result, you’ll have an opportunity to enter the VR and AR industry on the “ground floor” at a very early stage of its development.

Candle Consulting only invites attendees to attend the event. We do not handle your money nor are we raising money from you.

We would be screening you for suitability for attending the event.

Singapore: 6th July 2017 (Thurs)
7.30pm-10.00pm I Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

You would be added to a common whatsapp group with people going for the event.

Yi Hawker

I usually would take on a very objective view of my investments. As much as possible, I would prefer not to involve my emotions in the investments I do. Some would do well, some would not.

Entrepreneurs often share about how they are often disbelieved and experienced much difficulty in getting investors support. Well, I share with you a news as well, even investors are disbelieved by other investors.

In all honesty, given the uncertainty of life, economics and business, even with the best evaluation I would still conclude at the end of day it is up to Providence.

There are still investors who would disparage my evaluation and choices when their knowledge is incomplete. A business may turn out differently because of what the investors do other than just providing money.

Naturally, I am happy that Yi Hawker as a project is gaining traction. Financial figures are improving though it can be better.

Of course, other than being an investor, I am also serving as an Advisor to the Company. Now I would talk about the roles and measures I am taking that I feel are not usual for most investors.

Most people feel that the role of investors is just merely to provide funds but the best investors should and can bring along other benefits. In my opinion, these benefits are way more important than money.

Just as a live case study using Yi Hawker. After appearing on live news report on Television, Yi Hawker mobile app has experienced a tremendous amount of growth and traction.

I have been tasked to redesign the business model and conduct ample due diligence on what is the best business model for Yi Hawker to grow from a singular hawker centre to the rest of Singapore.

The secret to this is that the solution may not just be merely depending on just investors.

I am completing my studies soon and pending some numbers, I am ready to get other existing working partners already in the market to add value to each other. Also at the same time, Yi Hawker is the only first working model for all hawker centres to leverage on the system to expand their reach to more consumers.

Value add investors who are participating from the business model design point of view may be able to accelerate the growth of the investments even faster than merely a pure monetary investors. I am sure that while many entrepreneurs are disrupting their respective markets, capital market by itself needs a disruption as well.

Yi Hawker App is Featured on the News Again!

Yi Hawker app has once again been featured on the news media. As a result of being in the first mover of the F&B industry, the press has once again interviewed Mr Jonathan, our CEO, on what is to come.

For those who want to see the full interview please proceed to the following URL;

For those who wish to be part of the Yi Hawker project, please submit your interest at the following form. We are expanding to other hawker centres, and we can explore how we can work together.

SVBC Week : Vienna Boys Choir is coming to Singapore

I wish to congratulate one of the projects under our investment portfolio. SVBC week, this project focuses on bringing the famous Vienna Boys Choir which has a 500 years history to Singapore to perform.

You may visit the website at

This is a project that has been graced by the attendance of numerous head of states, dignitaries, respectable people in society. It would be a great opportunities to socialize with the people who appreciate the arts.

I wish to invite the many members of this list to participate as;

1) Committee Member – Participate in the organization of this event. Make it a fabulous event benefiting the kids and audience having a good time.

This event would have high media and press exposure which may allow your brand to have a greater exposure.

You would assist in communicating with other big brands which may be interested in sponsoring the event. It would increase your social capital as this project would allow you greater market exposure to people working in bigger brands.

It would be a meaningful exercise for us all so if you are interested in being a part of this please fill up the form below;

Case Study : Optometrist Group of Companies

16,000 SMEs sought me to raise funding for them. Out of 16,000 SMEs, I finally accepted the appointment of over 3,000 over SMEs. I myself have invested in about 10 of them.

Many of my clients / SMEs I invested in / consulted with are very puzzled at the way I deal with raising funding. I have 3 rules that are not to be flouted.

1) Never ask the investors to believe in you (because, why should they?).

2) Never ask the investors to understand your project (because again, why should they?)

3) When you are talking to investors, you must increase your revenue at the same time (And I am not going to entertain remarks about not having the investments to increase the revenue).

And also, investors are not here to solve your problems. They are investing to solve theirs, so no need tell them your problems.

I am honoured to be involved in the innovative online ecommerce project dealing with spectacles & contact lens.

Too many fund raising are mostly strategic – meaning that they need money to sustain and continue or expand. When you have that problem, investors would squeeze the companies dry.

So here is the step by step procedure in which I structure the project for growth and present to interested angels whom may be interested to invest in this. This is a tactical plan to raise funding and it would work fabulously even if your fund raising fails.

1) Evaluating whether the USP is defensible

The USP is not bad and highly defensible. Generally, nobody can sell spectacles & contact lens without a license. So Lazada & Zalora cannot compete on those areas. And those who have licenses do not understand ecommerce sufficiently well to go into this area.

2) Defining Shareholder Structure

Some shareholders are bound by shareholder contract to contribute to the revenue and bottomline to the company, and it is not just a well intentioned understanding. Succeeding in achieving those aims would trigger a clause for greater rewards in shares.

This removes the possibility of arguments later in the company because of unclear expectation. This is totally unlike the structure possessed by 90% of the companies in Singapore, when a disagreement may just cause the company to be completely closed down.

3) Franchise Business Model Design

All shareholders are made franchisees of the Company. From there the franchisees are going to contribute in expanding the reach of the company.

The franchise also allows more partners to be involved in generating revenue for the company.

4) Defining the Option Pool

When the option pool is defined for all shareholders, franchisees & also staff the certainty of the company is more assured.

Ironically, it would make the company less dependent on investors. As the company could be financed by revenue and not necessarily by investors’ funds.

In case you may want to participate as franchisees or just want to know more how this structure allows your company to grow very fast, safely for yourself and also for your investors, do fill up the form here.

We are also glad that the company has met up eventually to firm up all the structures with our company secretary. When we firm up all these structures, it facilitates a healthier growth for our company.

I appeal to all the people raising funding for their companies.

Entertain, just entertain the possibility that what you need is not really money. It is a way to structure your company and the money would flow in.

After all, the world has a problem of too much money.

We have recently invested into Yi Hawker

We have just invested in Yi Hawker just 2 weeks back and in no time through their own planning and effort they have gotten to be interviewed by《狮城有约》.

The segment in《狮城有约》that Yi Hawker was featured. It was a long exposure of 10 minutes during Primetime Singapore.

Handsome guo liang and the other pretty news caster whom I do not know the name to. They are doing the informative interview.

That was the handsome CEO making an appearance on National TV. He was explaining why there is a market demand for app based ordering of hawker food.

To enjoy this app, please download via

If you are interested to be structuring these deals like us, please submit your name to be considered to be part of the team searching for great projects to assist in growing and investing as well.

Submit this and we will be meeting up with you either in a career fair or one on one meeting.

Understand your own personality profile and avoid failure in business and achieve public listing!

Do you know that we recently invested in an entrepreneur almost purely based on personality profiling test? He is now making waves in the business world.

Do you know that while 98% of all businesses fail within 5 years, that 50% of this 98% fail because of burning out and shareholder infighting?

Do you know that the major cause of failure is not understanding your own personality?

Do you know that with the right combination of personality, your would be a magnet for investment, and just in the last 2 months, we have already invested in 3 companies ourselves?

Fill up the following form and take our free basic personality profiling test with no obligations.

After that we have a live event, which you may choose to attend. If interest is high we may arrange for a skype live telecast for you.

DATE AND TIME, Tuesday, 9 May, 2017, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM SGT

LOCATION North Bridge Centre, 420 N Bridge Rd, #05-27, Singapore, 188727

Submit your name if you are interested and you would be directed to the free personality profiling test that you may take before you come.


1) Dr Sundardas, who has seen over 15,000 individuals from more then 25 countries. Dr Sundardas has over 100,000 interactions with them to understand their personality and guided them on their wellness, life and business.

2) Mr Raymond Ng, who has seen over 15,000 entrepreneurs to understand their personality & business model. From the mass of data, he sees the cause of failure of business from the very early in the business development.

Get Government Grants for Your Business Expansion / Growth

Since the start of 2017, the government has made it compulsory for government grants to involve only PMC consultants.

Application of government grants has become more stringent and Mr Raymond Ng has been a PMC for about 6-8 years.

Mr Raymond Ng has been involved in over 3000 projects involving government grants.

If you are interested to explore further you may do so via filling up this form. We will arrange to meet you, if applicable.