Vienna Boys Choir

I am pleasantly surprised when my business partner Ms Iris Koh invited me to one of the dinner she has been planning for a long time.


The dinner was at St Regis Hotel, it is a fabulous and beautiful hotel. They are the proud sponsor of the dinner and my dear partner Ms Iris Koh was the person who got them to sponsor the event. They are also the official hotel sponsor for the Choir. I am so proud of Iris!

She has been telling me about that project but I did not know the significance till today. The Vienna Boys Choir is a 500 years old choir, and the choir has worked with eminent musicians like Heinrich Isaac, Hofhaimer, Biber, Fux, Caldara, Gluck, Salieri, Mozart, Franz Schubert and Bruckner.


It has a long history that I am starting to understand the significance, and Ms Iris Koh is my partner who is able to contribute in some small ways to make their stay in Singapore a more pleasant one. On thursday, they would be performing in the Esplanade.

In the dinner, they amazed me with such authenticity and historical legacy that makes me want to fly to Vienna now! How can this system survive for 500 years? And with such strong pedigree of musicians it is one of the best programs in the World!

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Business Field Trip : Dulukala Brand

Our first business field trip was immensely delicious because it is to a renowned Peranakan food place, Dulukala restaurant at Beauty World.


We are setting off and the founder was introducing the history of his group of restaurants.


Before that, we went to the central kitchen to understand the operations. Mr Zan Ho told us that the central kitchen and standardized food cooking makes it possible to expand the whole outlets to be 50 and above. He is looking for franchisees and partners.


We went to see one of their concept stalls at coffee shops that show just this concept. They are able to support stalls like this all over Singapore.


This is the design of the menu, which is quite tastily designed. 🙂


All the kueh kuehs are sold out by the morning. Which is a good proof of its business model.


We set off to Dulukala. 🙂 This is the entrance so many Singaporeans know about.


We are sitting for the whole food experience. 🙂


Food starter to whet the appetite.


Slurpy otah!


Asam Fish! Yummy!


Chendol dessert to end the whole food experience!


My good friend, Andre Lee. 🙂


Ms Iris Koh likes her peranakan food!


Isaac loving it! He ignores the camera!


For those who want to know more about the expansion roadmap. Whether you would like to know more about the;

1) Peranakan food franchises

2) Passive investor into the franchises

3) Investor into the holding company.

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Different Personality for Different Times

Tim Cook has succeeded Steve Jobs for 5 years.

Needless to say, Steve Jobs’ personality is drastically different from Tim Cook’s personality.

Steve Jobs was so crucial to the success of Apple because of the personality he possesses. Basing on Tim Cook’s personality if he were tasked to start Apple it would be difficult.

However, we cannot expect a person like Steve Jobs to head the company all the time due to the immense energy required to be like … well.. him.

Tim Cook was perfect for maintaining the running of Apple, even though the innovation we see in Apple would probably slow down because Steve Jobs is no longer around.

Which makes the understanding of personality so important. We have recently invested in a project involving expertise gathered through decades, a Doctor who has worked with thousands of people and their respective personality to guide them in wellness & stuff, a venturepreneur in South Africa and also myself a business model architect.

For those who are interested,

Your Personality Type & Wealth Creation

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“You don’t have to be an expert on everything, but knowing where the perimeter of that circle of what you know and what you don’t know is, and staying inside of it is all important.” – Warren Buffett.

This stood out in one of the speeches given by Mr Warren Buffett, the richest investor in the world.

Have you tried out many projects and businesses and find that you are working overly hard for too little results?

Have you tried out many projects and businesses and failed at it?

If you have met the above mentioned scenarios before it means that you are doing something not in the strength of your personality.

If you understand your personality profile and you place yourself in your most natural career or business, you would achieve great results.

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This project is in partnership between 3 parties, helmed by Mr D’niel Strauss.


1) Mr D’niel Strauss, Venturepreneur from South Africa. Focusing on investing in high growth dividend yielding & high capital gains businesses. His investments have grown exponentially as a result of his mentoring and investments.


2) Dr Sundardas, who has seen over 15,000 individuals from more then 25 countries. Dr Sundardas has over 100,000 interactions with them to understand their personality and guided them on their wellness, life and business.


3) Mr Raymond Ng, who has seen over 15,000 entrepreneurs to understand their personality & business model. From the mass of data, he sees the cause of failure of business from the very early in the business development.

3 of us have combined decades of experiences looking at businesses and helping them grow naturally with respect to their personality.

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Business Field Trip – Visiting the Peranakan Food Entrepreneur

We are launching our first Business Field Trip to visit our entrepreneur friend. We are booking a bus so that all of us would have a nice trip and nice food at his place!

Our client is embarking on an ambitious expansion plan. He has structured a central kitchen facilities for Peranakan food. Can you imagine that?

Standardizing peranakan food is a big challenge as well as a big achievement! Now they are targeting massive growth from selling of franchises and licenses.

Anyway, this is mainly planned to be a networking session. If you are keen join us on Sunday!


Pay S$ 50.00 to confirm your place in the exciting trip on Sunday!


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海都物语 – Stories About Venice, Port of Business

Over the weekend I just got to listen to a talk show that talks about this book written by a Japanese author on an european port, Venice. Venice has existed over 1100 years as a business nation by itself until it was forced to give up its national identity when Napoleon reached its cities. Regarded as a city of commerce and also banking.

I shall write about the points where it deals with funding, it is interesting that many of the practices they engage in are seen in contemporary venture capital. Really for anyone who read history books, you know that anything and everything that we do now has been done before by a smart person / group in our long history.

Few point to note.

1) Older merchants often match with younger sailors in business. Older merchants often are the financiers of their shipping trade deal, and younger sailors contribute by devoting their time and life in the business.

However, upon profit taking. The younger sailor actually would take more than 50% of the profit, while the financiers are fine with taking lesser than 50% of the profit.

This is true in contemporary venture capital as well. Entrepreneurs invest their time and life in a business while venture capitalists may contribute up to tens of millions if not hundreds of millions in a venture. Venture capitalists are totally fine with entrepreneurs reaping and retaining most of the profits while they get lesser even though they may have come out with near to 95% of the capital requirements.

2) Merchants of Venice are very wary of risk. Every action that they take is to limit and control risk.

This is counter intuitive to much contemporary understanding of business, where tonnes of entrepreneurs insist on living a life with passion and taking risk with someone else’s money, and they are fine with it.

However the merchants of venice would take every action necessary to limit risk. If they have to partner and co invest with another person in another field to lower down the risk they would do so.

Most entrepreneurs do not see this part of the machinations by venture capitalists. A lot of deals that they talk behind closed doors is to limit the risk of their investments into startup companies or companies in general.

Merchants of venice do not take pride in taking risk, they take pride in limiting it. This is counter to the understanding of many entrepreneurs that they must take risk because what they do is changing the world.

What we must understand from Venice, is that even considering that venture capitalists with entrepreneurs are changing the world it does not mean that the risk is not to be limited and controlled.

Venice for example, was responsible for the 4th crusade, building ships for 10,000-30,000 soldiers to cross the sea to fight in Egypt. Venice were to be paid an equivalent to 2 years of tax revenue of both the British & French Crowns to do just that. On top of that, Venice negotiated a deal that was similar to the shareholder deal of the present days – they would get half of the lands of what they have conquered. They also ransacked the nearby cities for golds, and also robbed the Byzantine Empire of riches in the name of restoring a prince in asylum to royalty again.

Putting that into context, contemporary men may argue that this is hardly meaningful and world changing, but we must contend with the fact that it was important to the Europeans at that point of history. Venice was in the position to exploit all of that for its own profits.

In conclusion, what I received from the radio talk of that book is that business people are to ensure the largest option they can take in a business environment, because more options allows risk to be controlled. If we misunderstand that business is to take risk, we would not do Venice’s legacy any honour – while risk is present in business, the function of business is to control and limit risk, not to enlarge it and embrace it like some of our present misunderstanding demands.

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