This blog covers equity crowdfunding news. It would cover those projects done by our company and those done by others. The purpose is to educate the public.

It would cover principles on how projects can be structured financially to achieve safer investments for both entrepreneurs & also investors.

Where possible and appropriate, we would cover news about projects going to IPO, and analyse their business model for the purpose of education (i.e. not advise as this blog cannot provide financial advice).

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The above logo is not finalized yet, but it is good. Pending competition. Bitcoin is merely the first instance of a blockchain application. The value of Bitcoin is in my opinion on the blockchain methodology used to build the concept of Bitcoin. I am having a short talk to talk about the opportunities afforded by the blockchain revolution to the common man on the street. Venue : 420 North Bridge Road, #05-27, North Bridge Centre, Singapore 188727. Across National Library, building with Maybank. Also next to Purvis Street. There is ...
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Yi Hawker Business Opportunity – Be a part of a food ordering app that would conquer Southeast Asia

As you may well know, we have invested in Yi Hawker. Yi Hawker is an innovative food ordering app that is poised to conquer the whole street food market in Southeast Asia. As a result of its innovation, Yi Hawker has appeared on the media numerous times. The founder, Mr Jonathan, has on numerous occasions occupied prime time TV to explain the food ordering trend in Singapore and potentially in the whole of Southeast Asia. For those who want to watch the whole interview, you may proceed to the following ...
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Virtual Reality (VR): a bilion dollar niche

Exclusive Pre-IPO Opportunity With The World’s First & Largest Virtual Reality (VR) Park The NEW Generation of Play Ground is HERE in the region. Singapore: 6th July 2017 (Thurs) 7.30pm-10.00pm I Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre The company US VR GLOBAL Inc. was founded with the aim of developing and operating a new generation playground and is launching its first Virtual Reality Park in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by mid year 2018. Why Virtual Reality is the Future of Technology... 1) Facebook acquired Oculus VR for USD 2 Billion back ...
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Yi Hawker

I usually would take on a very objective view of my investments. As much as possible, I would prefer not to involve my emotions in the investments I do. Some would do well, some would not. Entrepreneurs often share about how they are often disbelieved and experienced much difficulty in getting investors support. Well, I share with you a news as well, even investors are disbelieved by other investors. In all honesty, given the uncertainty of life, economics and business, even with the best evaluation I would still conclude at ...
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Yi Hawker App is Featured on the News Again!

Yi Hawker app has once again been featured on the news media. As a result of being in the first mover of the F&B industry, the press has once again interviewed Mr Jonathan, our CEO, on what is to come. For those who want to see the full interview please proceed to the following URL; For those who wish to be part of the Yi Hawker project, please submit your interest at the following form. We are expanding to other hawker centres, and we can explore how we can ...
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SVBC Week : Vienna Boys Choir is coming to Singapore

I wish to congratulate one of the projects under our investment portfolio. SVBC week, this project focuses on bringing the famous Vienna Boys Choir which has a 500 years history to Singapore to perform. You may visit the website at This is a project that has been graced by the attendance of numerous head of states, dignitaries, respectable people in society. It would be a great opportunities to socialize with the people who appreciate the arts. I wish to invite the many members of this list to participate as; ...
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Case Study : Optometrist Group of Companies

16,000 SMEs sought me to raise funding for them. Out of 16,000 SMEs, I finally accepted the appointment of over 3,000 over SMEs. I myself have invested in about 10 of them. Many of my clients / SMEs I invested in / consulted with are very puzzled at the way I deal with raising funding. I have 3 rules that are not to be flouted. 1) Never ask the investors to believe in you (because, why should they?). 2) Never ask the investors to understand your project (because again, why ...
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The Pursuit of Happiness

I am not writing this because of any recent events so don't over think too much. I have held this opinion for a long long time. I am writing this because Iris Koh responded toGwee Li Sui's poetic post that people were way too political (poetically he was asking for god to give him the strength). Iris basically said that I was always happy because I expected nothing from people. If you expect your friends to be good to you, there is a side effect. If your friends are good ...
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Investors do more than just putting up money – they provide advice.

After the recent success of Yi Hawker's appearance on the Channel 8 News Report, there is increased awareness of the app. We are discussing on ways to bring Yi Hawker to more people. Now the main complaint is that it is not available in alot of places. Btw, Jamie and myself are presently serving as Advisors to the very coachable Mr Jonathan, our esteemed CEO. Join us as capital architects if you are interested to partake in structuring deals like this. ...
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We have recently invested into Yi Hawker

We have just invested in Yi Hawker just 2 weeks back and in no time through their own planning and effort they have gotten to be interviewed by《狮城有约》. The segment in《狮城有约》that Yi Hawker was featured. It was a long exposure of 10 minutes during Primetime Singapore. Handsome guo liang and the other pretty news caster whom I do not know the name to. They are doing the informative interview. That was the handsome CEO making an appearance on National TV. He was explaining why there is a market demand for ...
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