City Harvest : Keep morality & God away from Law, please. Thank you

21 Oct 2015, the Court finds the 6 persons charged in the Criminal Breach of Trust case of City Harvest to be guilty.

So many people invoke the word of “morality” in commenting on this case on facebook. So many people invoke the word of “God” in commenting on this as well.

Please keep morality & god out of this, please. Thank you.

The development of law is a purely human construct arising out of a social contract (read Rousseau’s social contract). Law has become a very technical field.

For example, Justice See’s comments was clear and right on spot, “No matter how pure the motive, it does not exonerate the accused”.

Many people think that the legal procedure is to establish whether a person is moral or not, or whether he is living in god’s way. I am sorry to tell you the bad news. Whether a person is moral or not is between that person & god. The law is a human construct capable only of secular concerns.

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And the secular concerns of running an organization like City Harvest, was whether the money was used only in the manner it was prescribed. All these so called good intentioned usage of the money in the glorification of god are all peripheral issues that would not be considered in a secular government authority.

That being said, they are found guilty only as far as the charges are concerned. Any other comments about their morality even at this stage of development can still be considered defamatory. I appeal to the public to refrain from using derogatory words on them, because they are still very financially endowed to launch a defamatory lawsuit on you.

Even if they are found guilty as charged does not mean that they are immoral.


Because the law is NOT about morality. 🙂

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