Corporate & Social Responsibility – 资治通鉴 Whatsapp Group

Dear Friends,

Aged old heads of state read history to make themselves better leaders. It was a compulsory topic for emperors to read history books to understand the mechanisms of leadership. Fast forward to today, business leaders are reading history books to make themselves better leaders.

There is a series of chinese historical text properly categorized and rearranged for the purpose of people reading history books to get inspiration on leadership style. I have gathered a group of business leaders, investors and budding entrepreneurs to be part of a whatsapp group to discuss about history in the context of discussing this book to be better leaders.

The book under discussion is History as a Mirror – 资治通鉴.

The words of the title mean the following

资 – Capital, as a resource to.
治 – Ruling, governing, leading.
通 – Accessible
鉴 – Mirror

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The membership criteria is mentioned there. This is a free service provided by the founder of this company as part of his Corporate and Social Responsibility. He will be re condensing this chinese book everyday into easily readable sections for the contemporary man to read, learn and adapt.

It is our founder’s hope that through appreciating the leadership examples in history, the people participating may come to their own conclusion on how they may conduct their lives and business decision. In the process, hopefully creating a positive impact to their own employees, their own clients and their own shareholders.

Through the service they provide to the world, hopefully they can make our world a better place to grow up, grow old, and when we leave this world, we may all leave this world a better place than when we came.

Thanks for your support so far.