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This blog would contain notes I have written for the History whatsapp discussion group that we are managing as part of our Corporate and Social Responsibility activity.

History was almost a universally learned topic of all chinese emperors, as a means for them to learn what they needed to lead their country.

We found that History is almost untaught in the entrepreneurial world and from our observation of our 16,000 clients / prospects we note successful entrepreneurs are still tuned to exploring historical dilemmas – how did historical leaders solve the problems of their time. Problems that may be different in forms but similar in essence.

It is my hope that with appreciation of history, imbued into business leadership style, that I hope that our small effort in sharing the knowledge of history would make the world a better place, via the impact that these business leaders would have on the rest of the world.

It is with this intention that I present the following articles. Do note the detailed discussion from various business leaders would not be shared here. If you qualify for the criteria to be part of the business group, you may apply for membership via this URL;


Thanks. Enjoy the articles.

荆轲刺秦王 – assassination of qin shih hwang

What interests me about the episode is not this episode, as it has been brought to the silver screen too many times. Even people who do not read 资治通鉴 would have heard this story. However, do you know this? When Jing Ke hid the dagger in the map to be presented to Qin Shih Hwang, and when he took out the dagger to kill the qin king, the whole court does not have a soldier that has a weapon to protect Qin Shih Hwang. There was a noticeable struggle as ...
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Mess Up at Miss Universe 2015? Fault of the System

I am amused now looking through all the scathing remarks on Steve Harvey’s “error” in naming the wrong girl to be Miss Universe 2015. For those who don’t know about it, Steve Harvey apparently named the wrong girl to be the title winner of Miss Universe 2015. I cannot help but pity Mr Steve Harvey. I am also appalled at the same time at those people who think that Mr Steve Harvey is to be blamed for this fault. I was reminded of a management & system guru that the ...
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New Capital Structure for Venture Capitalist

I have been thinking about this subject for a long time, and I came across a blog post exactly about this topic. A venture capitalist by the name of Mahesh Murthy wrote this article. https://www.techinasia.com/talk/venture-capital-killing-startups/ Let me basically summarize very quickly. Basically he is talking about a problem in the venture capital scene, that venture capital actually raises their funds from private investors who may require the fund to basically reach "maturity" in 8-12 years (for lack of a better word) and realise the returns of funds to the said ...
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Who are the most dangerous people that you must guard against? Moral or Immoral People?

One must be wary of those people who are moral and yet without much understanding. Obviously, people who are knowingly immoral, we would avoid them like a plague. People who are moral and with understanding are the best configuration, because they will do the right things and not harm anyone associated with them. The worst are those who are moral and yet without much understanding. Because of their well intentions, they will attempt to do a lot of things "benefiting" a lot of people. But they do not know, well ...
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I appear on TV / webisode talking about Funding!

If you are interested to be informed of future blog postings, please just submit your email address. HP is totally optional - only if you want to attend our gatherings to discuss ideas. [123-contact-form i1626511] Connect with your facebook account to get updated on the projects handled by Candle Group of Companies & also future blog articles ...
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WanWei : The Chinese Guide to Reading Human Beings

I am reproducing our alumni member's blog article after coming to our course, Emergence Factor. These are her own views / understanding after coming to the course. This is her original URL of her blog article; http://thehieno.com/2015/10/24/the-chinese-guide-to-reading-human-beings/ Hi guys! Today I am going to write about the practical guide to reading and predicting human behavior, backed by the ancient  I-Ching (易經), or alternatively known as “The Book of Change”. Context: Last month I attended Singaporean business leader Raymond Ng’s course on Chinese Philosophy and Business, and found this part of ...
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City Harvest : Keep morality & God away from Law, please. Thank you

21 Oct 2015, the Court finds the 6 persons charged in the Criminal Breach of Trust case of City Harvest to be guilty. So many people invoke the word of "morality" in commenting on this case on facebook. So many people invoke the word of "God" in commenting on this as well. Please keep morality & god out of this, please. Thank you. The development of law is a purely human construct arising out of a social contract (read Rousseau's social contract). Law has become a very technical field. For ...
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Nobody can ever avoid Selling at all….

People around me have often told me that they didn't like selling. Now that I look back I find it immensely hard to explain to everyone that everyone is selling something if not they will have a very hard life. Maybe I will try to recount what has happened to me for the last 20 years. When I was 24, I faced with what I deemed to be a career dilemma. If you are interested to be informed of future blog postings, please just submit your email address. HP is ...
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The Law creates the Criminal…..

When I first read Lao Tzu, I was chuckling all the way over the smart aleck remarks that he had been making. "Long and short gives birth to one another" - illustrating the concept of nothing is absolute. That one concept only achieves its meaning in relation to another. "The greatest leader is one that nobody knows who he is", as per the above quote in the picture. It is simple. According to him, a leader is only famous and praised only when the time is bad. So why would ...
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Understanding Democracy via Peloponnesian War

Is Democracy perfect? See this article to understand more. Democracy in its infancy stage is actually injurious to the country, and it cannot compete even against the agrarian Spartans. Recently I got interested in this indie talk show in China. This logic talk show, Mr Luo talks about many ideas. This specific episode explores the concept of Democracy from the lens of an important war, but not well studied generally, the Peloponnesian War. To summarize the lesson, basically Peloponnesian War was fought during the years of 431–404 BC. It was ...
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