Investor Club

You are directed to this page because you have expressed interest to consider the projects that we have access to. Some of the projects require you to be a paying member before you can get access. In any case, paying members get access first before non members.

Join our Investors club to have access to great IPO projects. Do note that our Investors Club would have the first rights to the projects that come our way.

Other benefits include;

1. Can ask about other Investments (basic)
2. Access to Pre IPO projects
3. Participate in deals early stage
4. Can use it as basic consultation during regular meetups, to evaluate other projects not managed / marketed by us too.

We have one good project listing in US OTC Market. They have already submitted their S1 filing and would get their approval soon.

You may also ask in our private whatsapp group on other investment projects from other platforms whether they fulfil the shareholder’s interest criteria.

It would also be a great networking opportunity for you. We are assigning our subsidiary “Occamlogic Consulting” to process the payment for us. S$ 197 / year. You may unsubscribe the payment anytime should you not wish to renew the membership.


RaymondRaymond Ng, our Founder
1) For investors who want to meet up with our founder Mr Raymond Ng on how you can best address your investment objectives

2) For entrepreneurs who want to meet up with our founder Mr Raymond Ng on how you can raise investment for your projects

You all may want to visit to understand more about him and then you may make an application to meet up with him. Our consultants would match your objectives before arranging an appointment to meet up with him.

You may also add him on facebook at or linkedin at