Mess Up at Miss Universe 2015? Fault of the System

I am amused now looking through all the scathing remarks on Steve Harvey’s “error” in naming the wrong girl to be Miss Universe 2015.

For those who don’t know about it, Steve Harvey apparently named the wrong girl to be the title winner of Miss Universe 2015.

I cannot help but pity Mr Steve Harvey. I am also appalled at the same time at those people who think that Mr Steve Harvey is to be blamed for this fault.

I was reminded of a management & system guru that the Japanese was idolizing & respecting. His name is Edward Deming.

When he was alive, he asked one very important question, when you encounter a system & operating error, do you attribute the fault to a person or to a system?

Shockingly, he said that 94% of the time, attributing the fault to the system and looking for a solution there would resolve the problem. His advice, leave the people alone and focus on the system as the solution to the problems.

Seriously, now you look back at the paper that Mr Steve Harvey was handed.

You seriously think that the system of writing down the winners is perfect? If I were the host, I would have easily made the same errors. In fact, anyone would have made the same errors of announcing the wrong girl as Miss Universe 2015.

I mean, it is entertaining to draw some silly memes about Mr Steve Harvey, but it is hard on Mr Steve Harvey. However, if you truly want to solve the problem, you got to stop this silly way of writing down the results. If not, I am almost sure that this mess up is going to happen again.

Sincerely Yours,
Raymond Ng

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