SVBC Week : Vienna Boys Choir is coming to Singapore

I wish to congratulate one of the projects under our investment portfolio. SVBC week, this project focuses on bringing the famous Vienna Boys Choir which has a 500 years history to Singapore to perform.

You may visit the website at

This is a project that has been graced by the attendance of numerous head of states, dignitaries, respectable people in society. It would be a great opportunities to socialize with the people who appreciate the arts.

I wish to invite the many members of this list to participate as;

1) Committee Member – Participate in the organization of this event. Make it a fabulous event benefiting the kids and audience having a good time.

This event would have high media and press exposure which may allow your brand to have a greater exposure.

You would assist in communicating with other big brands which may be interested in sponsoring the event. It would increase your social capital as this project would allow you greater market exposure to people working in bigger brands.

It would be a meaningful exercise for us all so if you are interested in being a part of this please fill up the form below;