The Law creates the Criminal…..

When I first read Lao Tzu, I was chuckling all the way over the smart aleck remarks that he had been making.

“Long and short gives birth to one another” – illustrating the concept of nothing is absolute. That one concept only achieves its meaning in relation to another.

“The greatest leader is one that nobody knows who he is”, as per the above quote in the picture. It is simple. According to him, a leader is only famous and praised only when the time is bad. So why would a great leader be commemorated when the time is bad.

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My favourite one is “Law creates the criminal”.

This sounds really illogical and unintuitive at first, but after mulling and thinking it over for a while, it actually makes sense!

After all, where do you find criminals if not for the law. The law decides that those are criminals. Criminals are never criminals without the law. The law came before criminals and the law creates the criminal.

Before anyone decides this is just a play of word, do note that in my discussion with business leaders and even myself running companies. The shocking thing is that when you create new rules / laws concerning the operation of the company, the staff would come out of smarter means to beat the system – thus this simple maxim is somewhat true.

When we create rules / laws for countries / companies / organizations be very careful of what kind of “criminals” you would be creating.

I know that people experienced in running businesses would scream at me now (if they are right in front of me) that an organization without rule would be in chaos and run badly.

Be patient, it would be covered in the next post. 🙂

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