Understanding Democracy via Peloponnesian War

Is Democracy perfect?

See this article to understand more. Democracy in its infancy stage is actually injurious to the country, and it cannot compete even against the agrarian Spartans.

Recently I got interested in this indie talk show in China. This logic talk show, Mr Luo talks about many ideas. This specific episode explores the concept of Democracy from the lens of an important war, but not well studied generally, the Peloponnesian War.

To summarize the lesson, basically Peloponnesian War was fought during the years of 431–404 BC. It was the war between the Democratic Athenians vs the Dictatorial Spartans. Athens lost the war, and the main reason why it lost was because the masses in Athens empowered by democracy had interfered with the war too much by passing sentences to execute important elected leaders & capable Generals that were instrumental in the war.

After Democracy had its way, Athens had no talents to fight the war and inevitably lost the war. Mr Luo’s point is that Democracy is actually injurious to a country when the country is small.

Extrapolating to Singapore, looking at our elected Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. I did not use to appreciate such a …. well …. single minded and opinionated (to put it very politely) leader but after reading his books and seeing this video, I can appreciate Mr Lee Kuan Yew a bit better.

When people can just talk about the corruption of our leaders without evidence. Making fun of our Minister in problematic portfolios. Questioning our leaders’ every move, every action. If you want to see the logical extension of what would inevitably result, read up on Peloponnesian War or if you are conversant in Chinese, you can see the above video.

And the logical extension of those nonsensical activities is just death of a country.



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