Virtual Reality (VR): a bilion dollar niche

Exclusive Pre-IPO Opportunity With The World’s First & Largest Virtual Reality (VR) Park

The NEW Generation of Play Ground is HERE in the region.

Singapore: 6th July 2017 (Thurs)
7.30pm-10.00pm I Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

The company US VR GLOBAL Inc. was founded with the aim of developing and operating a new generation playground and is launching its first Virtual Reality Park in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by mid year 2018.

Why Virtual Reality is the Future of Technology…

1) Facebook acquired Oculus VR for USD 2 Billion back in March, 2014.

2) According to TechCrunch researh, virtual reality market was worth about $1.9 billion in year 2016, and expected to climb to $22.4 billion by year 2020.

3) Google, Apple and Mircosoft are acquiring and spending hundreds of millions of dollars in augmented reality innovation projects over the past years.

4) According to Digi-Capital , current revenue generated by the VR and AR industry stood at total of $3.9 billion dollar globally, with VR contributing the biggest share at USD 2.7 billion.

And the data is just keep growing and growing consistently…

NOW… You Too Can Participate In This Global NEW Opportunity At The Early Stage

We’ll be presenting you — the company behind the virtual reality theme park, with an exciting opportunity to participate in this new technology at an early stage.

The company, US VR Global Inc is targeting to be the major VR / AR entertainment provider in the region and then, actively working to develop this global business into a chain of theme parks and arcades throughout Asia.

As an result, you’ll have an opportunity to enter the VR and AR industry on the “ground floor” at a very early stage of its development.

Candle Consulting only invites attendees to attend the event. We do not handle your money nor are we raising money from you.

We would be screening you for suitability for attending the event.

Singapore: 6th July 2017 (Thurs)
7.30pm-10.00pm I Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

You would be added to a common whatsapp group with people going for the event.