Yi Hawker

I usually would take on a very objective view of my investments. As much as possible, I would prefer not to involve my emotions in the investments I do. Some would do well, some would not.

Entrepreneurs often share about how they are often disbelieved and experienced much difficulty in getting investors support. Well, I share with you a news as well, even investors are disbelieved by other investors.

In all honesty, given the uncertainty of life, economics and business, even with the best evaluation I would still conclude at the end of day it is up to Providence.

There are still investors who would disparage my evaluation and choices when their knowledge is incomplete. A business may turn out differently because of what the investors do other than just providing money.

Naturally, I am happy that Yi Hawker as a project is gaining traction. Financial figures are improving though it can be better.

Of course, other than being an investor, I am also serving as an Advisor to the Company. Now I would talk about the roles and measures I am taking that I feel are not usual for most investors.

Most people feel that the role of investors is just merely to provide funds but the best investors should and can bring along other benefits. In my opinion, these benefits are way more important than money.

Just as a live case study using Yi Hawker. After appearing on live news report on Television, Yi Hawker mobile app has experienced a tremendous amount of growth and traction.

I have been tasked to redesign the business model and conduct ample due diligence on what is the best business model for Yi Hawker to grow from a singular hawker centre to the rest of Singapore.

The secret to this is that the solution may not just be merely depending on just investors.

I am completing my studies soon and pending some numbers, I am ready to get other existing working partners already in the market to add value to each other. Also at the same time, Yi Hawker is the only first working model for all hawker centres to leverage on the system to expand their reach to more consumers.

Value add investors who are participating from the business model design point of view may be able to accelerate the growth of the investments even faster than merely a pure monetary investors. I am sure that while many entrepreneurs are disrupting their respective markets, capital market by itself needs a disruption as well.



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